Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt On Sale

Well there are now at least two ppl in the US starting work on their version of Raconteur. Oh in case you didn’t know the original quilt is called Raconteur – The Storyteller’s Collection. C&T wanted a book title that would tell ppl what they might find in the cover.

Both Nancy and Yvonne found the book while surfing. I wonder when it will be in the local quilt shops.

In Australia it is expected to hit our shores at the end of the month. In time for the Queensland Quilt Show.

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  1. Found it last week while browsing at a local quilt shop, The Granary, in Sunnyvale, California. I am currently working on a project with 1/2 inch hexagons (EPP) so the book caught my eye.

    I am inspired! I think it is great that you limited instructions, it is definitely an advanced quilt. I imagine that helped make space for the full-sized neutral-colored pattern images. I only wish that every block had the full-sized grey/white images, even the foundation blocks. I find it easier to imagine colors and tones and my stash fabrics. Now I’m going to learn foundation piecing. I can epp 1/4-inch hexagons and diamonds but those tiny triangles and bits are beyond my piecing skills.

    Congratulations on this amazing work! Both the quilt and this inspiring book!!

    1. Thank our. Come and join our Facebook group Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt. I have uploaded grids there for changing the block size to other common sizes.

      A QAL will be running from Dec to May covering all of the techniques used in the quilt.

      I will also upload full size grey/white images for the foundation pieced blocks in January, sorry but I have so many commitments in the meantime I can’t see myself finding time to do It before.

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