Trails/Highways/Tracks – Eppiflex templates – For Hand/Machine Piecing


Accurate sewing and cutting templates for hand piecing.

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Eppiflex is an Australian company specialising in English paper piecing templates. Trails is not suitable for English paper piecing however they also produce accurate sewing and cutting templates for certain patterns.

These templates allow you to trace the sewing and cutting lines onto the back of your fabric. They are not necessary as they may be traced from the provided pattern but this is simply an accurate already produced template option.

Set 1 contains all of the templates needed for the main design area. Highly recommended.

Set 2 are only needed for the borders. You will only need to use these a few times and it is possible to trace them from the provided patterns if preferred.

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Mylar Templates - Trails

Trails set 1, Trails set 2, Trails both sets


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