Khanam’s Surprise and Playing with Khanam


Hand or machine pieced, curved illusion created with straight lines. Pattern for cushion also included


Do you want a project that will use many colours, that will appear complicated but which in reality is rather easy. The curved lines are an illusion. In truth they are simply straight sloping lines. The only difficult thing about this project is working out where your colours go.

Khanam’s Surprise is the full bed size. It is possible to make a larger quilt simply by making more blocks.
Playing with Khanam is a single block cushion using the same block.
Both patterns are included.

Although I hand pieced Khanam’s Surprise a friend has machine pieced it and found it an easy quilt to make.

If preferred you could simplify the design by using less colours such as shown in the cushion, but why not try to use all of those fabrics you have been collecting over the years.


  • Quilt size 140cm x 170cm (56in x 68in)
  • Block size 30cm x 30cm (12in x 12in)


  • 60cm (2/3yd) cream fabric for outer blocks
  • Ten, 20cm (1/4yd) strips of medium/dark value for large stars
  • 12, 20cm (1/4yd) strips of star background fabric
  • Mylar templates for drawing lines or EPP templates for use with EPP



  •  62cm x 62cm (24 1/2in x 24 1/2in)


  • 40cm (16in) cream background fabric for template A, template D, template F, template G, template H, template I and template I(rev)
  • 10cm (4in) floral fabric for template G, central star
  • 20cm (8in) blue fabric for template B, template C and template C(rev), outer stars
  • 10cm (4in) orange fabric for outer frame
  • 70cm (27 1/2in) black fabric for template E, diamonds, outer border and cushion back


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