Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt On Sale

Well there are now at least two ppl in the US starting work on their version of Raconteur. Oh in case you didn’t know the original quilt is called Raconteur – The Storyteller’s Collection. C&T wanted a book title that would tell ppl what they might find in the cover.

Both Nancy and Yvonne found the book while surfing. I wonder when it will be in the local quilt shops.

In Australia it is expected to hit our shores at the end of the month. In time for the Queensland Quilt Show.

Storyteller’s First Show ….

Yes I know this is not breaking news … in fact it could be said to be slightly late news but thought I would let you know anyhow (life has been rather hectic here lately). At the recent Sydney Quilt Show Danni from Eppiflex announced that she will shortly start the first BOM based on my book The Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt. the BOM

Tall Tales (from Raconteur)

Danni plans to release her BOM to coincide with the release of the book, which is expected to happen within the next month so woohooo!!!

Initially she will be running the BOM as slightly larger than the original blocks. This is because the original blocks are based on a 1cm hexagonal grid giving blocks that have a 4cm height and a side length of 2.25in. Danni thought the tppl might prefer to work on a 3in side length hexagon so that these blocks could fit in with other 3in blocks that have been doing the circuit lately.

If she has enough interest she is also considering offering the blocks at the original size. So the choice will be yours.

Another point that will be different about Danni and The storyteller’s Sampler Quilt is that her BOM will be done using the eppiflex templates which everyone says are perfect for EPP. Having never been a fan of EPP I can’t give a personal opinion on this but if it is a method you like then it is definitely better than the old cardboard templates …. or you could try the method that I show in the book …. old fashioned piecing …. just a suggestion 🙂

Sample Pages Arrives

Woo hoo!!!
Today I received the first draft of my book. Looks great. There are over 400 pages which when edited by the design team will come down to 256 pages. So far the text has been checked and edited as have the diagrams, photos and templates. Now the fun begins for April who has to shuffle and resize everything to fit it into the allotted 256 pages. She has done a top job so far with deciding on the main layout and colours. I never realised how much work went into the production of a book but they want everything just right.

There are almost 2,000 diagrams in the book which on first thought seems like a lot but then when you stop and think there are 359 different blocks and if you have just the pattern plus 4 diagrams for each you are already at 1600 diagrams. Add onto that all of the photos and this is going to be one big book….. very pleasing for those who like step by step diagrams.